Laser Skin Resurfacing

Today, a tremendous amount of aesthetic and cosmetic treatment can be done without the use of the traditional scalpel, but instead with a scalpel of light. Laser Skin Resurfacing improves the appearance of photoaged skin, removes age spots (sun-induced freckles), most benign brown pigments, redness caused by broken capillaries, and gives the skin a smoother, more even tone through a process called photorejuvenation, which helps restore a more youthful appearance.

The goal of laser skin resurfacing is simple: Replace damaged skin with new, fresh skin. Techniques for skin resurfacing have made enormous advances, allowing nearly everyone to achieve beautiful complexions. Many systems allow for light, moderate, or deep laser resurfacing.

The primary targets of laser skin resurfacing include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles of the face, especially around the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead
  • Loose eyelid skin
  • Crow's feet around the eyes
  • Pucker marks (smoker's lines) and frown lines
  • Brown spots and splotchy, uneven skin tone
  • Scars, especially those caused by acne
  • Loose skin around the neck and jowls

At Delray Beach Plastic Surgery, we use what is considered “The Gold Standard” of laser resurfacing systems, the Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore, a CO2 laser designed to offer the versatility of three levels of intensity: Active FX, DeepFX, and TotalFX. The wavelength of light emitted by a CO2 laser is very well absorbed by water in the skin. “Ultrapulses” of the laser vaporize lines, wrinkles, scars, dark spots, and other irregularities, layer by layer. This process also stimulates the formation -- over time -- of new, underlying collagen to provide better elasticity and support for the skin. Click here to view videos of the actual procedure using the UltraPulse Laser.

Laser skin resurfacing is ideal for you if you:

  • want to treat dyschromia, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity
  • want to reduce the appearance of scars, deep lines, and folds
  • are not a candidate for traditional facial plastic surgery

The results of laser skin resurfacing are long-term and, with proper sun protection, can persist for many years. Most effects of treatment become visible right away, whereas others – such as new collagen formation – build up gradually and become more evident over time. Therefore, most people look even better three to five months after the procedure.

As with all facial plastic surgery, a thorough health assessment and realistic expectations are prerequisites. Your understanding of procedures, routines, and risks is essential to a successful final result. Following your consultation, we continue our discussion at the pre-operative appointment.

The success and safety of your laser skin resurfacing depends very much on your complete candidness during your initial consultation. Dr. Westine will ask a number of questions about your health, desires, and lifestyle.

Be prepared to discuss:

  • Why you want the surgery, your expectations, and desired outcome
  • Medical conditions, drug allergies, and medical treatments
  • Use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Any previous surgeries

Dr. Westine may also:

  • Evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors
  • Take photographs for your medical record
  • Discuss your options and recommend a course of treatment
  • Discuss likely outcomes of laser skin resurfacing and any risks or potential complications

For more information about laser skin resurfacing or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Westine, please contact Delray Beach Plastic Surgery.

The Procedure

  • In House Surgical Center or hospital
  • 30 minutes to one hour
  • Post-Op return office visit the next day

The Recovery

  • Minimal to moderate discomfort
  • Your skin will begin to flake off within 3 days
  • After about 7-14 days, your doctor will probably let you wear make-up
  • pinkness can persist for 2-12 weeks, depending on the type of laser treatment

For examples of the before-and-after results of laser skin resurfacing performed at Delray Beach Plastic Surgery, visit our Gallery.


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